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Our Shows

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

We are committed to... 

  • Educating our audiences regarding avian habitat, behaviors, and relevant and interesting characteristics and facts pertaining to each species.

  • Demonstrating natural behaviors often seen only in the wild, and inform our audiences about the challenges that face many of our rapidly vanishing species. 

  • Entertaining our audiences through trained and natural behaviors that demonstrate each bird's natural and comic behaviors. 


Each production includes, scripting, music and sound effects, appropriate trainer costuming, and expert show direction.


We are also happy to provide advice and assistance in the following: 

  • the design of appropriate set

  • stage, and backstage design to assure the best environment for the show

  • as well as on-site housing of the birds and mammals

Our Guarantee

Carvalho's Friends of a Feather provides unique and personalized service to accommodate the diverse needs of any client, location, or venue.

We acquire our birds from only the most reputable breeders and zoological parks.

We do not condone the acquisition nor acquire any of our birds from their natural habitat.

Our aim is to help promote and preserve species in their natural habitat.

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