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Animals aren't just our business, they are our passion. And to make sure they receive the care and attention they deserve, we make sure to cater to each individual! 

Exercise is important as a core need for all birds. In the wild this is primarily accomplished through the process of hunting and gathering their own food. When food is automatically provided for animals in the care of man, it is important to ensure that their need for daily exercise is met in other ways. This is accomplished through the use of free-flight, free-play, interaction with others of their species, outdoor exposure, and mental stimulation. This assures a proper balance of lean muscle mass with appropriate amounts of body fat. We strive to replicate a bird's natural weight and behavior in the wild.

Physical and visual health exams are conducted by our qualified staff daily. Each bird is weighed twice a day, allowing detection of even slight variations of weight loss or gain. Sudden weight loss can be an early indicator of a potential health problem. Early detection assures a head on start arresting any preventable health problem that may occur. We also work with some of the leading Avian Veterinarians in the nation.

Our bird housing areas including cages, floors, and food and water bowls are cleaned and disinfected daily. All areas are kept with the highest standards for aesthetics and cleanliness. If it isn't clean enough for a person to live in, it isn't clean enough for our birds. In fact, our standards for avian housing surpass those of many human households.

Optimum diet coupled with exercise and mental enrichment provides the most conducive regimen for each bird's overall health. Each bird receives an individualized diet to maintain proper physical wellbeing. Many thanks to our gracious sponsor, Lafeber, for the highest quality avian nutrition available. Our birds are happy, healthy, and in beautiful plumage due to the exquisite product they provide. For more information on Lafeber themselves, please visit our Contact page!

Below are just a sample of some of the amazing creatures we've had the pleasure of working with!

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